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Initially in the laser surgery, a special automatic knife was used to cut the flap. Now a more common and safer method is to use a different type of laser to create the corneal flap. The amount of tissue that the laser eliminates is calculated ahead of time. Once the makeover is done, the surgeon replaces and secures the flap. No stitches are needed. The cornea naturally holds the flap in place.

Advanced Laser Eye Surgery

Provisions And Guidelines To Be Followed By Patients For Laser Surgery

We provide special testing such as ultrasound evaluation and others preliminary tests. After taking enough tests,we recommend you to choose Laser surgery. We give guidelines to use eye drops for few days. This eye drops prevents your eyes from irritation, infection, blurriness, inflammation and avoid tears falling from your eyes. By measuring the correct state of your eyes we provide laser surgery. This measurement is performed in the operating room and enhances the accuracy of your vision. After making all these tests you are ready for laser surgery.

Advanced Laser Eye Surgery for Providing Clear Vision

Glasses and contact lenses are good but they causenumerous problems to eye. If contact lenses are not handled or cleaned properly it causes frustration to eyes. Because of the problems related with glasses and contact lenses, many ophthalmologists select more enlightened optically effective means of adjusting vision that is known to be laser eye surgery. It is an excellent alternative and safe method to enhance the vision of your eye.

If you have shortsighted or farsighted vision then you can contact our eye care specialists for doing laser eye care surgery. Our laser treatment eliminates the need for eye glass, so you can have aneffective look with our laser treatment.